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Changes happen’n

Thursday, February 21st, 2008

New mattresses came for the guest rooms – something called Beautyrest Black Label Beverly Hills Pillow Top. Guests love them, though no one has invited me up for a test drive yet. Maybe I should call that toll-free number and order one for myself!

Moldings are all finished in the garden room and the painters are due to arrive Tuesday, February 26th. Pat picked blue for the ceiling and green for the walls in the garden room; and red for dining room walls. Just a few more accessories are needed to complete the look.

Mona and Tony of GiammarinoDworkin Photography came by to take new photos of the inn for the website. Soon Mike will have professional photos for the web. They took photos of the guest rooms, the parlor, the dining room, and some food shots too. Even Mike got in the picture! They’ll be coming back when the garden gets going strong to take some exterior photos and of the completed garden room. Maybe the next time they will bring their canine companion. She sure smells nice.

We took a quick weekend break to the Eastern Shore of Maryland to celebrate our friend, Glenn’s birthday. Glenn’s new canine, Noble, is a great dog to run around with in the yard. Geese were everywhere and there was evidence of foxes, deer, and bunny rabbits. It’s way different from the city life. On the way up, we stopped by Grandma’s to do some chores: fix her chandelier, mount her address numbers under the outside light, and pick up sticks in the yard. I wish I could visit her more often; she is such a nice lady.

Oops! Guests at the door and it’s my job to greet them – maybe they’ll have treats!