We’re Green

Pat and Mike say we’ve been certified as a green lodging! I believe it – the grass is green, the bushes are blooming, the leaves on the trees are green, there’s green pollen on the porch – but I think it relates to something else. Something about conserving water, electricity and reducing our carbon footprint — though I don’t know how I can reduce my footprint; it’s pretty small already.

Grass is so tall, we had to mow it. We have a new battery powered mower – not electric and not gas. It was so quiet passersby couldn’t figure out why we were walking back and forth in the yard! I’ve decided I want to help mow every week this year – there are such good smells in the yard and there are birds and squirrels everywhere. But when I get close to play, they run away up into the trees. I haven’t figured out how to get up there yet. Maybe I’ll conquer that next month.

Been a little chilly for porch time. I run to the front door but no one follows. Maybe once a week or so we all go out and sit on the porch in the evening. I’ll be glad when it is an every day occurrence. Sandi, my partner cock-a-poo, keeps making her way to the front door only to hear “Sandi, it’s too cold right now, maybe tomorrow.” And, finding her way to the front door is hard for an old blind girl dog.

We’ve had lots of company, but they forget I am here and forget treats and no one has let me try out the new beds upstairs yet.

Well, it’s lunchtime – so I am off. Will check in later!


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