Yard Work at The William Miller House B&B

I had no idea that the winter winds left so many twigs and branches in our azaleas and on our walkways. I spent this sunny day picking up all the twigs and bundling them for the yard waste center. The good news is that I will be able to ride in the William Miller House Bed and Breakfast’s little red pick up truck across town to leave them so that they end up as mulch or compost. It all has to do with being GREEN.
There are lots of people in the neighborhood today, Spring Break for VCU is over and the Richmond Forum is featuring Terry Bradshaw and Howie Long of FOX NFL Sunday. You know they will speak at the Landmark Theater right around the corner from us. The Richmond Forum brings business and world leaders to Richmond to discuss issues of today. The next session will feature Michael Pollan and Marion Nestle on April 18 who will speak on the topic of “In Search of Real Food.” Sounds like a great topic, but we have real food here at the Wiliam Miller House for breakfast: eggs, bacon, and sausage from Keenbell Farms – a local farmer we found.
Come visit us soon, the birds are building their nests and I bet we’ll have babies soon!

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