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We’re home!

Friday, April 3rd, 2009

I am so excited, we’re home at the William Miller House Bed and Breakfast in Richmond, Virginia’s historic Fan district. No more detention – at least for a while. It is fantastic to sleep in my own bed; but, you know not a single guest has invited me to sleep on their top of the line pillow-top mattress in their guest room yet. We had them delivered almost a year ago and still no one has offered. I’m surprised since I am so cute.
I know that guests are coming today. I’m helping to set up the welcome trays with bottles of Perrier, glasses with the Eiffel Tower on them, ice and ice buckets, and my favorite the hand-dipped chocolates from Cocoa Mill in Lexington, Va The little box has a dark chocolate truffle with raspberry and the milk chocolate has hazelnut inside. I’m not allowed to eat chocolate; I heard it could make me very sick. I thought of sneaking one and letting Sandi eat it. Then, if she stays ok, I’d sneak one for myself. I decided not to do that – it would be taking advantage of her.
While the tray goes upstairs, I’ll get the Richmond map ready for our guests. We put a star where the William Miller House Bed and Breakfast is located so they can always find their way home. Maybe I’ll put a puppy paw mark there instead of a star. Just so they know I helped.
This weekend at 10 AM on Saturday there will be a Highlights of Hollywood Cemetery Tour by the Valentine Richmond History Center I’ll have to remember to tell them about it so they have the opportunity to catch it. After all, William Miller, the marble worker actually carved and fashioned many of the tombstones there when he was an owner of Rogers and Miller Marbleworks. And, he built our house in 1869!
There’s the doorbell, got to run…