Virginia Rocks!

The Virginia Historical Society recently opened its exhibition “Virginia Rocks! The History of Rockabilly in the Commonwealth.” This exhibition runs through December 12, 2010.  It’s an opportunity to learn more about the energetic blend of blues and country that was one style of “rock-and-roll.” Characterized by dramatic vocalists, catchy lyrics, strong guitar, and bold stage moves, Rockabilly was embraced by many Virginia bands and singers – some even achieved national prominence. Follow the birth, rise and demise of the movement in Virginia through the exhibition‘s photographs, rare recordings, stage costumes, a jukebox, and yes – musical instruments.  The music is presented through audio recordings and rare video recordings.

Located on the Boulevard, straddling both the Fan District and the Museum District in Richmond’s core, the Virginia Historical Society strives to collect, preserve, and interpret Virginia’s past for the education and enjoyment of present and future generations. At the society’s founding in 1831, Chief Justice John Marshall was elected its first president, and former president James Monroe was elected its first honorary member. History. The current structure was built in five or six stages between 1912 and 2006.

While you visit VHS, don’t miss “Bizarre Bits: Oddities from the Collection,” peculiar objects that over time have made their way into the Historical Society’s collections, ending February, 2011. Press Release.  There’s also the story of “Virginians at Work,” “the Story of Virginia, an American Experience,” and the “The Virginia Manufactory of Arms Collection.” The Virginia Historical Society is not a “breeze-in, breeze-out” kind of place; you’ll need some time to explore the depth of its bounty.  So, if you’re coming to visit from near or far, you’ll probably want to stay nearby and our bed and breakfast is ideal!

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