A Salute to Military on Veteran’s Day

Bed and Breakfasts and inns around the US and in Canada opened their doors for free-nights to active-duty military service members and retired military service members and their dependents in honor of Veteran’s Day on Wednesday, November 10. Veteran’s Day was November 11 and there were additional offerings of all kinds from many different restaurants, vendors, and providers.  Our Veteran’s Day guests even visited Colonial Williamsburg and their military service identification cards were keys to free admission!  So they enjoyed a full day of visiting and exploring 18th century life with horse-drawn carriages, wig-making, book binding, blacksmithing, mortise-and-tenon construction, the armory, and so on. They had a beautiful sunny fall day to explore the paths, walkways, and structures and to interact with the folks in 18th century character.  It was a history learning opportunity and fun besides! And, what a deal!

While the free night at the William Miller House Bed and Breakfast for active duty military personnel or retired military service personnel and their dependents was only on Wednesday, November 10, 2010, we continue to offer our military discount all year long off our regular room rate.  It’s our way of thanking service members and their families for the sacrifices they make for us.

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