Kodo Drummers of Japan in Richmond

On March 17, 2011 at 7:30 PM the Landmark Theater comes alive with the beat of the traditional Japanese drum, the taiko. Kodo both preserves and reinterprets traditional Japanese performing arts.

Kodo Drummers of Japan in Richmond March 17

The Kodo Drummers have lived on Sado Island; the source of their inspiration and creativity, since 1971.  This concert at Richmond’s Landmark Theater is part of Kodo’s “One Earth” and 30th anniversary tour.  Through the ‘One Earth Tour,’ the Kodo Drummers continue to bring the sound of the Japanese drum to the ears of the world.  The taiko’s unique ability to transcend the barriers of language and custom reminds listeners that we all are members of that larger community– the world.

Here’s what critics have to say about Kodo

“Traditional rituals recast as theater, and contemporary thoughts about ancient instruments both figure in Kodo’s performance, which includes ancient and modern compositions. Yet with tense, angular postures, with stylized, frozen gestures and, in one playful piece, with animal-like scampering and slithering, Kodo reminds its audience that, above all, its music is a matter of flesh and blood, wood and stretched skin. Kodo can raise the roof, but the group can also show extraordinary finesse.”   The New York Times

“Indeed, if there is such a thing as perfection in music, Kodo comes as near to it as any group in the world.”  Boston Globe

The Landmark Theater is located at 6 N. Laurel Street, near Virginia Commonwealth University’s Monroe Park campus, and just three blocks from Richmond’s premier bed and breakfast inn.

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