Spring is here at the inn

The gardens around the inn are starting to spring to life! On Friday morning the daffodils started blooming.  Signs of spring are all around, the daffodils joined the Cornelian Cherry that had been showing its yellow buds and blooms for several days.  The star magnolias have started showing their white blooms as well, particularly those branches that are in the sun.  There are two of these trees in the garden at the William Miller House Bed and Breakfast and they are among the early bloomers – blooms which will be followed by bright green leaves.  The blooms generally last only a few days; the spring rains drive the petals to the ground.  So, we relish in the days we can enjoy their splendor!

The daphne odoro just outside the kitchen door are in bloom and their lovely fragrance fills the air in the west garden near the wellhouse.  And, of course, the warm days and cool nights have perked up the pansies in the planting beds.  So plan a spring visit to Richmond, enjoy the gardens at Richmond’s premier bed and breakfast and take advantage of pleasant weather and all the cultural and historical activities and events in central Virginia!

Leather Leaf Mahonia sets its blooms, soon they will be berries! Not edible, of course!

Catch them while you can! Star Magnolia in bloom!

Daphne Odoro in bloom by the kitchen door!

Daffodils SPRING to life in the garden


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