We Switch to Mighty Leaf Tea

Breakfast is a big part of being a bed and breakfast and, for us, breakfast is a big deal. Here at Richmond’s premier bed and breakfast inn we strive to serve our guests the very best hearty gourmet breakfast, including local, farm-fresh ingredients and organic products that meet our standards of quality and taste.

A Mighty Leaf Tea Pouch: handcrafted quality to maximize the tea experience

We have now selected Mighty Leaf Tea Company’s artisan teas as our house tea.   Tea connoisseurs know that freshly brewed tea with whole tea leaves has the richest character and Mighty Leaf has created a tea pouch filled with the world’s finest whole tea leaves, herbs, fruits and flavor too big for ordinary tea bags. The pouches themselves are a work of art: handcrafted, silken and biodegradable – stitched with unbleached cotton, no glue or staples.

From the wide selection of wonderfully full and nuanced flavors, we have selected Organic Breakfast, Organic Earl Grey, Organic Spring Jasmine, Chamomile Citrus, Organic Mint Melange and Organic African Nectar.  Organic Breakfast is a unique blend of rich teas from renowned estates in India and Ceylon with a hearty yet smooth flavor that is great black or combined with milk and honey or sugar.  Organic Earl Grey’s high-grown black teas are combined with the smoky citrus notes of bergamot fruit to produce an elegant, balanced and full-flavored cup.  Organic Spring Jasmine is a green tea with light caffeine, Japanese toasted bancha, a mixture of leaves and stems pan-fired to impart a nutty flavor similar to roasted grain.  Chamomile Citrus is a caffeine-free, herbal infusion made from Egyptian chamomile, citrus slices, lemongrass, rose hips, hibiscus, and mint – delicately fruity and an excellent source of vitamin C. Organic Mint Melange is another caffeine free herbal infusion of peppermint and spearmint gathered from the Middle Atlas Mountain range of Morocco yielding a soothing infusion that lingers like a fine wine.  Organic African Nectar is crafted from African rooibos or red bush blended with hibiscus and exotic fruits.  This herbal infusion is rich in antioxidants and promotes calm and relaxation – perfect for a peaceful state of mind.

This is just one more way that your innkeepers at the William Miller House Bed and Breakfast in Richmond’s historic Fan District strive to make your experience the best! Rediscover and experience tea – the magic of Mighty Leaf.  Come share with us!

Mighty Leaf Teas: Meticulously Crafted, Signature Blends, Full-Flavored

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