Testing a New Wine Chiller

Keeping white wine chilled during evening wine service has always been an issue. Those clay bottle holders or ice-filled wine buckets just don’t do the trick – especially in the summer.  The correct serving temperature for white and rose wines is between 8 degrees C and 10 degrees C (46.4 degrees to 50 degrees).  Red wine is usually served between 16 degrees C and 18 degrees C (60.8 degrees and 65 degrees).  Wine stored at too high a temperature will ultimately develop an overwhelming alcohol content.

This chiller by SOWINE keeps wine for evening wine service at the appropriate temperature - preserving the tasting quality of both red and white wine for our guests

Several years ago, we discovered a one-bottle electric wine chiller that was perfect for maintaining the appropriate temperature for our white wines.  Two weeks ago, it stopped functioning.  We, here at Richmond’s premier bed and breakfast inn, are testing a new chiller.

This new chiller has multiple functionality!  It has two compartments that can hold one standard 75 cl wine bottle each. But it cannot accommodate champagne or other “fizzy” wine.  The compartments function independently, so it can be used for 1 bottle of red and one bottle of white, 2 bottles of white or red, 1 single bottle either opened or unopened.  These compartments will slowly bring wine to the proper temperature once it is selected with the control buttons on the top of each compartment.

Perhaps, even more interesting, this particular wine chiller protects wine from oxygen once the bottle is opened. The chiller has an oxygen extraction system to preserve the tasting qualities by drawing oxygen from the bottle and sealing it. To use the oxygen extraction system, place an opened bottle of wine in the compartment in the center of the compartment. Close the door to the compartment. Gently push the oxygen extraction plunger down until a click is audible. The vacuum system will trigger for a few seconds.

To remove the bottle from the  chiller to pour, simply open the door – if the oxygen extractor plunger is engaged – it will automatically lift to release the bottle.

Stay tuned for updates, or to see it in action, just make a reservation at the Fan District’s top rated bed and breakfast, enjoy our evening wine service, comfy beds, and hearty gourmet breakfasts!  And, our hydrangeas are in bloom!


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