Richmond Bed and Breakfast on Food Tour

Breakfast is the biggest part of the name bed and breakfast, so it is no surprise that Richmond’s premier bed and breakfast was asked to participate in the Real Richmond Food Tour of the historic Fan District on Saturday July 9. So, what did Mike prepare for the tour ticketholders?

Lilly P's for the Real Richmond Food Tour from the William Miller House Bed and Breakfast

First, a tasting sample of one of his newest first courses: the Lilly P.  The Lilly P is a creamy, layered, not too sweet starter consisting of one layer of fresh strawberries combined with Greek yogurt (the pink part) topped with a layer of basil white chocolate mousse (the green part), garnished with flavored whipped cream and chopped pistachios. Recipe.

Second, a tasting sample of one of his entrees an ebel skiever stuffed with marinated fresh peaches with maple syrup on the side.  Ebel Skievers, small stuffed Danish pancakes, require a special pan – one of the many tools in Mike’s closet.  They can be stuffed with jams, preserves, fresh fruit, cheese – and, yes, even chocolate!

Sample of Ebel Skiever stuffed with fresh peaches for the Food Tour

The wonderful aspect of these tours hosted by Maureen Egan and Susan Winecki is that you get a taste of culture, a taste of history, and a taste of Richmond’s best food! Tour Info. Future tours will visit Shockoe (the Bottom or the Slip), the Museum District, both sides of Broad, and other little explored parts of Richmond. Add these tours to your list; you won’t be disappointed!

Tour comment: “When can I move in?” But, you don’t have to move in, simply make a reservation for an overnight stay and a hearty gourmet breakfast awaits you in the morning! Enjoy!

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