B&B Featured Again on Food Tour in Richmond

Maureen of Real Richmond: Food Tours and More led a private group recently on a “VCU:Alternative Eats” tour featuring the architecture, culture, and food of the historic Fan District bordering on Virginia Commonwealth University’s Monroe Park campus . The tour’s next to the last stop was Richmond’s – and the Fan’s – premier bed and breakfast. Evidently, it was a big hit!

Think of it! Lavender Panna Cotta drizzled with honey and topped with fresh berries

According to Maureen: “What is so impressive is how everything – the house, the gardens, the 3 courses! of food – were perfect, but the perfection isn’t a bit stuffy or off-putting. On the contrary, your warm, comfortable way included us in the fantasy that living this well could be ours, too!”

Now about the food…..Mike had been working in the kitchen and produced three tastes for tour ticket holders.  After a quick tour of the inn built in 1869 and a little bit of history linking the inn to Hollywood Cemetery, the first taste broke the ice with a small puff pastry basket filled with yummy pastry cream and fresh, local, very sweet peaches. Recipes at the inn focus on fresh, seasonal, local ingredients sourced from family farms and farmers’ markets in Richmond.

Second course was a traditional French crepe with ham and cheese topped with a basil cream sauce. This course took advantage of our local fresh eggs that get delivered every Friday from New Kent and the fresh basil from our garden. The eggs really do taste different from those you get in the store and our guests agree!

Next up, was a recipe for a first course that is still in progress: Lavender Panna Cotta drizzled with honey and fresh berries. Stay tuned, Mike will post the recipe to our website when he’s finished tweaking it!

Thanks Real Richmond: Food Tours and More for including us in your tour! We love meeting Richmond’s visitors and residents who love Richmond’s history, culture, architecture and most of all – the food scene.


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