James River Makes Urban Paddling List

Recently, Larry Bleiberg of USA TODAY, published a list of ten great places for paddling in the city from David Brown, executive director of the American Outdoors Association.

Richmond's James River: One of 10 Great Places for Paddling

And, Richmond, naturally, made the list. Cities are often built on waterways, think moving people and goods before trains and trucks, and many of those cities have created greenbelts along their rivers, sheltering them from over-development.

According to Brown “Virginia’s capital offers rafters a thrill on whitewater routes as challenging as Class IV. (The 1-to-6 scale gets more demanding the higher the number.)  It’s certainly an authentic whitewater experience,” and “it’s a pretty popular urban run. Canoers and kayakers can also find calm stretches to take in the scenery. 804-646-8911; jamesriverpark.org”  Along the way, you’ll spot herons, eagles and other birds aplenty. You’ll cruise along, gliding between banks of trees and green; then, suddenly, the city skyline of Richmond, Virginia’s capitol, is straight ahead.

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