Why stay at a Bed and Breakfast?

Recently one of our guests posted a review that we think defines the reasons a traveler should consider a bed and breakfast as an alternative to a hotel – especially here in Richmond, VA.

Suitcase packed and ready to go! Here's why you should stay at Richmond's premier bed and breakfast!

The reviewer is  a traveler who normally prefers to stay at bed and breakfasts, but the comments may pique the interest of a usual hotel guest and entice him/her to give a bed and breakfast a try. After traveling for 20 years and experiencing a wide variety of  lodging options, this reviewer has developed a practiced and critical eye to judge those features and those amenities that mean the most. Richmond’s own premier bed and breakfast in the historic Fan District seems to have hit the target!

Let’s take a look at her bed and breakfast experience in her own words.

The William Miller House “is spotlessly clean ( a huge plus for me).”  In addition to cleanliness and fastidious housekeeping, we designed each of guest rooms with an en-suite bathroom accessible only off the guest room – ensuring personal privacy.  Each guest room has a walk-in closet and empty dresser drawers to store clothes during your stay permitting a more organized and leisurely “getting ready to greet the day” experience.  There are luggage racks to store suitcases and an iron and ironing board to freshen up packed clothes.

The review continues: “The breakfasts are simply divine. Mike is a true master in the kitchen. I found myself saying “I have a song in my mouth,” or “you brought New England’s beautiful fall to me with this dish.” They create an experience for you around their food that is the best I’ve EVER had in any B&B (and most restaurants). And the amount of food served will carry you right through without a pang of hunger to a late lunch.”  Breakfast is the biggest part of bed and breakfast and we, here at the William Miller House Bed and Breakfast, focus on local, seasonal, and even organic, when possible, ingredients to devise our menus beginning with fresh eggs from a farm in New Kent, vegetables and cheeses from Richmond’s farmer’s markets, custom roasted/blended coffee beans, breakfast meats from Keenbell Farms, and assorted items made from scratch with Mike’s own recipes.  In addition, coffee and hot tea are always available with the press of a button on the Keurig; and,  assorted sodas and snacks are available all day long – and not from the pay-as-you-go minibar!

And, don’t miss our evening wine and snacks! Here’s what our reviewer said: “The 5p – 7p wine and cheese (along with crackers, fruit and/or nuts) comes at the perfect time of day. And you can enjoy it in the garden room, or in the garden, on the front porch. There are many places around the house that are just lovely to relax with your treat or a good book.”

One great advantage about a stay at a bed and breakfast is the personalized service from the innkeeper, a resident who is very knowledgeable about the area’s culture, history, arts, and food scene. “Both Pat and Mike are so knowledgeable about the city and have maps readily available for wherever you’d like to go. She has a wonderful library of the city’s history and its most famous areas.”

By now, you’re probably wondering how does all this mesh with your own need for privacy? Is this too much like staying in Auntie Ellen’s home? Well, not really – again let’s look at what our reviewer wrote: “All of this wonderful care is done unobtrusively…Pat and Mike strike the perfect balance of pampering you but not hovering or intruding on your time there. I’ve never stayed at a place where this balance has been so well attained.”

So, if you’ve never stayed at a Bed and Breakfast, give us a try – we’re close to downtown, close to museums, in a neighborhood with restaurants ranging from upscale to college hangouts and sports bars, close to performing arts, and  even close to shopping. Our B&B is an urban downtown stay that truly is a “better way to stay.”

Read the entire review.


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