Civil War Medicine: Torture or Science?

As part of the Banner Series of Lectures, The Virginia Historical Society will present Dr. Adrian Wheat’s assessment of the practice of medicine on particularly on the Confederate side of the Civil War. The lecture is scheduled for Wednesday, October 26th at 7 PM and will be repeated on Thursday, October 28th at noon. The lecture will be delivered at the Virginia Historical Society, 428 N Boulevard, Richmond, Virginia.  Dr. Wheat will describe the medical practices of science in the 1860’s including care on the battlefield, transporting patients to hospitals, and the role of sanitation.  MASH, as depicted in the television series of the same name, actually took place 100 years later! Take medical  science backward 100 years, eliminate what we learned in that 100 years, and what do we have left? Dr. Adrian Wheat’s lecture will fill in the details!

Reservations are not normally required and an admission fee for non-members applies to the Banner Series.  INFO.  While you’re at the Historical Society, don’t miss the free exhibition “An American Turning Point: The Civil War in Virginia,” the stories of everyday Virginians and their experiences during the Civil War.

Save time to drive east from the Historical Society to visit the National Park Service Chimborazo Visitor Center and Medical Museum, located at 3215 East Broad Street. The museum is housed in a 20th century building located on the site of the historic largest and most organized Civil War hospital. It took its name from Chimborazo Hill upon which it perched – at one time housing around 4000 patients and, during 3 and half years, almost 75,000 wounded and sick were treated at Chimborazo. The museum, operated by the National Park Service, is open daily from 9 to 5 and provides insight into the workings of the hospital, Dr. Samuel Moore,  Dr. James McCaw who operated the hospital like a small city, other Richmond hospitals, and of course, the practice of medicine in the 1860’s.

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