Learning to make Croissant’s in Paris!

The basis of the class is/was to learn to make the basic Croissant dough, which become the foundation for many other pastries, like Chocolate Croissant, Almond Croissant, Apple Croissant, etc.  I think you can see where we are headed.

The process starts with the Détrempe or basic dough (this rests for 6-hours).  This is followed by the fun step, called the barrage, or incorporating the butter in to the dough, in steps, it best to have a glass or wine in between each step, which takes about 20-minutes.

Next we cut to croissants into their recognizable shape and roll them up. Then they proof for about 2-hours are 75-80 degrees.

Ready for the proof box

Now comes the hard part, you have to bake for 20-minutes, you can imagine baking a two ovens full of croissants, and the aroma of the melting butter.  If you were a serial killer you would have to cut someone up!Now they are ready, oh wait that have to cool!  Well not that long especially if you have an asbestos mouth.

The bottom line YUM!

la cusine paris
Our Croissants

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