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Fishing The Falls of the James

Tuesday, April 10th, 2012

“Fishing the Falls of the James” is a booklet written by Ralph White of the James River Park System and available  for $2 at the James River Park System Visitor Center at Hillcrest and Riverside Drive. When you pick up a booklet, pick up a standard James River Park map at the same time. The booklet highlights directions, parking information, and a description of 10 suggested places for fishing in Richmond: Huguenot Flatwater Park, Riverside Meadow Greenspace, Pony Pasture Rapids Park, the Wetlands, Main area, Belle Isle, Shoreline of Brown’s Island, Mayo Bridge, Great Shiplock Park, and Ancarrow’s Landing/Manchester Docks.

Naturally, safety is first! For River Level Information, call (804) 646-8228 extension 4, use of life jackets is mandatory when wading when the river exceeds 5 feet at Westham Gauge. The river is closed to recreation when it exceeds 9 feet. Flood stage is 12 feet. Generally, it makes sense most of the year to wear a life jacket. In some parts of the river, the water can be fast and turbulent with rocks that are slippery and sharp – so wear old tennis shoes or special river shoes. Avoid open-toed sandals. Hip boots and waders are not recommended.

Fishing is good downstream of the 14th Street Bridge (below the Fall Line) in the Spring when fish migrate when high water flows actually attract the fish.

Fish present in the James River in Richmond include Smallmouth Bass, Sunfish, several species of catfish, Striped Bass, Shad, White Perch, Alewife and Blueback Herring. The booklet gives tips on fishing equipment, tackle shops, guides, best times to fish, and everything you need to know to fish in the city of Richmond! Fishing licenses are available at tackle shops and on weekdays at the Department of Game and Inland Fisheries, 4010 W Broad Street, Richmond.  For up-to-date information on limits contact the Virginia Department of Game and Inland Fisheries. (804) 367-1000.

Fish consumption advisories may be in effect, consult the Department of Health. (804) 864-8182

RVA Street Art Festival

Friday, April 6th, 2012


The city is about to encounter another festival aimed at showcasing the talents of local and national muralists. What do Venice and Shepard Fairey have to do with the latest art event and what the city’s flood wall might look like? Read more on the RVA News site »

Striped Omelet at the William Miller House

Sunday, April 1st, 2012
Modernist Cuisine

50 lbs. of knowledge


Some months ago I purchased a copy of Modernist Cuisine an exciting cookbook collection that is as heavy as it is extensive.  This five book set was clearly an investment not only financially but in time to fully understand both technique and the science of food.  The good news for our guests is that I discovered the striped omelet.

The striped omelet took a bit of experimentation and is still a work in progress but the early taste tests are positive.  The initial omelet was presented by MAXIME BILET on the Modernist Cuisine website.  I have included the initial video of the Modernist Cuisine team demonstrating their version of the omelet, of course purchasing all of the necessary, custom made equipment is probably far beyond the reach of the average home chef or even a gadget freak like myself.

So I set off on a path to prepare and deliver the Striped Omelet to our guests using an alternative method.  First I had to locate a suitable non-stick product to
fitThe Striped Omelet as prepared at the William Miller House in the bottom of the sauté pan.  My first thought was to use a silpat, however, I could not locate one the was round, and according to the manufacturer it is not recommended that they be cut, because fiber-glass could get in the food, probably not very healthy.  So I searched for a teflon liner and cut it to the appropriate size.  Well the omelet is not square but round works just as well.  Next came to cooking, only one to a shelf because if you place two sauté pans in the oven together the egg has a tendency of running to the low side of the shelf, better balance in the center.  The egg filling and the mushroom marmalade, which can be made ahead, are fairly straight-forward.  I’m still working on getting the strips crisp and clear so if you have one that looks a bit fuzzy it not your eyesight!