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Energy Efficiency Comes to Inn

Sunday, July 11th, 2010

Guest rooms at our historic Fan District Bed and Breakfast have been upgraded with new HVAC units that are more energy efficient.  Each room retains its individual thermostat allowing our guests the utmost in individual comfort. Though our systems were relatively new, they had developed leaks that were impossible to locate and replacement was the only answer. Our thanks go out to Chuck and his helpers who endured the heat of our attic to make the swap in Richmond’s heat spell.

Don’t let the predictions of summer heat keep you from planning a trip to Richmond. Museums, restaurants, and attractions are all air-conditioned and there’s always the James River for rafting, tubing, or canoeing.  Best of all, here at our Richmond Virginia inn, you can control the temperature in your room with the press of a button on the thermostat.  And, since the units are energy-efficient, you’re doing your part to help us reduce our carbon footprint.

PS. Don’t forget – the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts Tiffany: Color and Light exhibit closes August 15th – that’s only five more weeks to see this special exhibition of the works of Tiffany, the Master of Glass.