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Richmond Bed and Breakfast Is Backdrop for Life’s Major Milestones

Tuesday, March 23rd, 2010

Congratulations and best wishes are sent to our Richmond inn‘s guests this weekend.

Bright white blooms dress camellias in the gardens at Richmond Bed and Breakfast

C. and M. from Reston, Virginia actually became engaged during their weekend getaway here in Richmond, Virginia.

The weekend’s weather was beautiful for exploring public spaces and gardens and this lovely couple took advantage of Spring and its promise of renewal and rebirth to decide to marry Spring 2011.  And, just for the occasion, the camellia in the east garden decided to put on a show.

We love to be a part, even a small part, of our guests’ special experiences in Richmond.  And, when our Richmond bed and breakfast becomes a backdrop for some of life’s major milestones, we are elated to participate.  Let us know if we can help plan an engagement, an anniversary, a birthday, or even a special getaway – just for two.  We can even add a bottle of bubbly and an 8 or 16 piece box of Gearhart’s Fine Chocolates along with special William Miller House glasses for you to take as a momento – just check our specials.

Today’s My Birthday

Sunday, January 10th, 2010

We’re celebrating here at the William Miller House, a Richmond VA Bed and Breakfast . After all, it is not every day that an official B&B greeter named Nuggett – that’s ME !!! has a birthday. I am fifteen in dog years, not sure how many human years that would be. I’m glad my people didn’t do anything childish like make me wear a silly hat like this dog; but I am being pampered today. I sneaked onto the sofa for a quick nap and no one asked me to get down. I’ve enjoyed special treats, lots of attention, and I get to break the rules today. All because it is MY special day. Maybe, if I play my cards right, I can extend this into next week…..

It has been cold here in the south, but the weatherman promises warmer weather next week. So, if you have been worried about traveling due to unpredictable weather, it’s almost going to break – real soon. So y’all come right down to Richmond….and stay with me.