Final Newsletter

It's hard to out do a Blog!

You probably have been wondering what has happed to the William Miller House Newsletter? We'll we have been spending our time, actually Pat's time, writing our Blog.

We have struggled with whether or not to continue the Newsletter and then realized that the delivery media was the same, however, now you have choices: You and either visit our web site occasionally and read the blog, or if you are really a fan you can subscribe to our RSS feed by going to the above address and clicking on the RSS Icon on the web address line , if you are using Firefox or Microsoft Internet Explorer then look for the orange Feeds Icon
Note: If you are using Google Chrome, you will be familiar with how to do this, it's a bit too technical for this newsletter, but if you really have to know -- go here.

Our blog contains information about special and activities at the inn, happenings in Richmond and the surrounding area and stories we hope will be of interest to customers past, present and future.  If you are missing Mike's recipes you can now find them on the web site.  Mike is always inventing, experimenting and adding new items, he tries to add them to the web site as soon as he is satisfied with the results.

We will also appear in the next version of the Bed and Breakfast Association of Virginia cookbook to be release in 2011.  We are submitting five new recipes in the new edition plus updated information about the inn.  You will be able to purchase a copy here at the inn but if you cannot visit us you will be able to buy it online from the BBAV at As soon as we are sure which recipes are included we will post the information on our blog as well as the final release date.

This has been a busy year at the inn, we have updated the air conditioning to a new high-efficiency unit keeping with our attempt at being more Green.  We also much to our disappointment had significant damage by the winter storms that we had to rebuild the built in gutter on the west side of the house and replace the slate roof.  We made the decision to install a synthetic slate roof to reduce the weight for future heavy snow of which we hope to not see any in the near future at least not in Richmond.

We are also now on Facebook at  Please consider becoming a friend of the William Miller House. Our blog also posts automatically to our Facebook page however, Facebook can be slow to share the latest posts to the blog.